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Popcorn and Wreath Sale

The fall popcorn and wreath sale is the primary fundraiser for Troop 420 Scouts.  

Every fall, our troop members have a great opportunity to fund their scouting activities by selling popcorn and wreaths. 33-50% of the purchase price of these products goes directly to fund the scout’s troop activities. If you are motivated, and an energetic seller it is possible to fund your entire year’s activities through these fundraising events. Sales typically go from mid-September to late October. Popcorn can be delivered at the time of the sale, or on follow up visits. Wreaths are typically delivered the Saturday before Thanksgiving. 

Please help cover the real cost of scouting

Our philosophy is that a boy should not turn away from scouting because of the cost. The initial response to this thought is “offer scholarships”. However, our experience is that most prospective scouts with financial strain won’t ask for a scholarship – they simply disappear. Our approach to keeping scouting available to EVERYONE is to keep the sticker price low – below the actual cost. Therefore we need to ask families and friends to think about what scouting is worth, or what they actually pay for other activities, and make a donation so that we can continue to offer this awesome opportunity to the entire community. Please see Mr. Werner, troop treasurer.

Other Fundrasing

The troop has several fundraisers to support general troop operations. Our largest regular event is volunteering at Bratfest every Memorial Day weekend. Bring your family, aunts, uncles, whoever. We have a coordinator who helps get members of the troop signed up together doing the same job at the same time, so you can socialize and have fun while helping the Troop. We are also implementing other fundraisers, such as dinner nights at restaurants. If you have a family member in the troop, please plan to join us for these fun activities, and if you have ideas, or want to help, please contact any troop leader. 

Where Our Popcorn Comes From


Our popcorn comes from Camp Masters Gourmet Popcorn. They specialize in making Scout Popcorn for Cub/Boy Scouts to sell.


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